Running Silent for a While

Consistency doesn’t count for much anymore. And it’s too bad.

I have used as my internet service provider for twenty years. Have you used anything relative to the Internet for twenty years? Even though Juno merged with someone else, their legacy system was kept current, so I kept using it. Recently, they “upgraded” the software and raised the price. And it’s never worked right since. In fact, it’s messed up my computer. (Yes, I’ve un- and re-installed it, and sought outside expert help.)

So, the time has come to cut the umbilical. Can you imagine how many people only have our Juno address? How many website? I’ll have to contact each and change or at least inform them of the change. (Juno, of course, is such an odd duck that my address list is incompatible with other major ISPs.)


I hope to keep this blog alive as it will be one of the first places I change over. However, since this change will also entail a wipe-and-reload of my primary computer, nothing is certain.

So, if I’m silent for a few days, it won’t be because I’ve forgotten you; I will just be armpit deep in computers. Have I mentioned that computers hate me? Ah, a topic for another day.

Enjoy the quiet.