Cuba Returns

It’s time to normalize our relations with Cuba. Wish we had someone I trusted on this end of the negotiations.

Few remember now that Americans rejoiced when Castro overthrew the Baptiste dictatorship. We hoped for a better life for Cubans. Unfortunately, Castro quickly revealed that he turned to the Soviet Union, not the United States, for both economic and ideological support.

Fifty years of quarantine weren’t wasted. Remember: fifty years ago Cuba was exporting Marxist revolution to all Latin America. Their progeny were the feared terrorists of their day.

Yes, we also contributed to fouling that well.

Apparently the president wants to do a Nixon-went-to-China. He’s almost a Nixon, but Cuba’s no China. In some ways, being a close neighbor, it’s more important. Certainly we now have an opportunity to improve the lot of the Cuban people.

A Cuban friend, who has lived in the United States over fifty years, is a US citizen and has contributed to our nation. But he still loves the people and nation of Cuba. We have many such citizens. They will be interested, involved and perhaps critical of how we renew relations with their homeland. We should consider their wisdom, too.

Some walls must come down. Some might be left standing, at least until we determine if the Cuban government acts in good faith.

Yes, it’s time, but “these things must be done delicately.”