Recent Headline News

Watch happened in Sydney. If we’re not next, we’re on the list. The Jihadist is identified as “Iranian refugee, sex offender and self-styled sheik who sent hate mail to families of Australian soldiers killed overseas.” Wait, is that profiling?

Libya is too small an oil exporter to drive prices. That’s speculation at work. “Oil Prices Rebound” the headline reads. Yeah, from $56 a barrel to $57. Only the surge didn’t last, but fell later. (Low crude prices dent ISIS’s oil revenues between $1 and 2 million a day.)

2016 nightmare: Republicans get their wish and Democrats nominate Warren; Democrats get their wish and Republicans nominate Cruz. Voters vote “No!”

I’m with Warren on one thing: repealing the prohibition on bailing out big banks for gambling in derivatives was stupid. (That’s why bloated omnibus bills should be outlawed.)

The Lima climate agreement is a step in the right direction. Pollution effects us all. Our Pacific Northwest gets lots of Chinese pollution.

“We are in the midst of a prolonged period of alienation between the American people and those who govern them. That isn’t good for a republic,” wrote Peter Wehner in Commentary.

Barclays PLC reports that US junk-bond prices have fallen 8% since late June. One-third of that drop has come this month alone. Why? Perhaps because quantitative easing was closing. Is it a portend?

FedEx and UPS has hired “tens of thousands” of additional workers to avoid a shipping snarl like last year. However, last year’s snarl resulted from a huge winter storm sweeping through the Midwest and Northeast. Exactly how will more workers prevent that?

China has unilaterally abrogated its 1984 treaty with the UK to guarantee Hong Kong’s autonomy. Shows how good their word isn’t. They’re counting on us forgetting. Will we?