Book Review: Winston’s War by Michael Dobbs (Three Stars)

Book Review: Winston’s War by Michael Dobbs

(Three Stars out of Five)

The Gathering Storm meets Downton Abbey.

A post-modern take on history. An engaging, entertaining text which leaves the reader wonder what is fact and what fiction. Focuses on the eighteen month period from Munich to the Nazi invasion of France—mostly telling how everyone in England (including the king) were trying to do everything possible to keep Churchill from becoming Prime Minister, with Churchill’s unwitting help.

Today’s readers may be surprised that faction and the press were as divisive and untrue then as now. Shouldn’t be, that’s been true since the Greek city-states.

The mechanics of the story impede enjoyment. Dobbs alters past and present tenses. His awkward, idiosyncratic paragraphing often leaves the reader wonder who is talking.

Except that many of the named characters were historical, on could complain about the confusing array of Burgess, Bracken, Beaverbrook, Ball and Boothbys; not to mention Mac, Max and Macmillian.