The Imperial Presidency

“Asserting his authority as president to enforce the nation’s laws with discretion, Mr. Obama intends …” (New York Times article, emphasis added)

“With discretion”  So much for persuasion.

“”I think it will create a backlash in the country that could actually set the cause back and inflame our politics in a way that I don’t think will be conducive to solving the problem,” said Senator Angus King of Maine, an independent who caucuses with the Democrats and supports an immigration overhaul.” (same NYT article)

President Obama doesn’t compromise because he can’t—he doesn’t know how.

Since the earliest budget battles (in which the Congressional Democrats and Republicans worked out a compromise which he torpedoed), it’s been ‘my way or the highway.” And when faced with tough negotiators, like the Chinese, he caves.

He’s never grown beyond being a ward healer. He promises the moon, lies, threatens and bullies because that’s what all politicians do. That’s what we get for electing an amateur–a neophyte as President. It’s not his fault; it’s ours.

We elected him in 2008 hoping for change. What’s our excuse for 2012?

But real statesmen rise above that and seek the good of the country. They lead.

Obama doesn’t lead; he can’t. He doesn’t know how.

I’m really disappointed.