Wasting Time Online

I’m pretty much done with social networking.

All the Great Experts say budding authors need a Media Presence. So, for the last two months I’ve been posting here and elsewhere. Yeah, a few people read them and a few responded, but it took too much time. It’s way more work than it’s worth.

That was on the input side. As I followed and was followed I “naturally” tried to pay attention to the postings of others, but discovered that the more I networked, the less I interacted.

For a couple months now I’ve spent more time on that than writing and painting combined. Wrong priority.

So, I’ll continue to post book reviews and short opinion pieces, but not try to fill the calendar. (I was trying to post something every day, except Sundays.)


One thought on “Wasting Time Online

  1. I think you’re smart about stopping. The information I gave you on digital marketing could be useful. She’s a pro and could help you target your audience. If and when I publish, I’ll use her. Maybe at our next salon, that you can attend, Jean will talk about a writer who has used media skillfully.

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