Election Day: Don’t Vote

Today is election day. Please don’t vote, because I will.

That makes my vote worth more. Thanks.

If the polls are correct and the Republicans manage to win control of Congress, they will claim a “mandate” to undo many of the President’s programs and block others.

However, if there’s a mandate it’s that the people are tired of Washington gridlock. Partisan politics have ossified America into mutually hostile camps who, like the child who took his ball home when the game wasn’t played his way, would rather block than pass.

We live in an era of kick-the-can-down-the-road government. Budget decisions are delayed or “continued” until after elections. Offices are left vacant because appointments are electoral lightening rods. Our wasteful spending is rolled into debt for our children and grandchildren to pay.

America needs leadership and legislation. America has deep problems which should transcend party politics. Governing should be about working—yes, even compromising—to solve those problems. Not score sound bite points.

Am I hopeful? Yes. Am I confident? No.