The Kinshield Legacy by K. C. May (3 Stars)

The Kinshield Legacy by K. C. May

(Four Stars out of Five)

A classic fantasy of the old school: medieval technology and culture, external attack by demonic forces, magic as much a problem as a solution, too-good-to-be-true protagonist who is so superficially flawed that even he overlooks himself as a hero. All those, plus the women warriors that so many now demand and at least an attempt to break out of the LOTR elves, orcs and dwarfs alternate races rut. The warrant knights are a fresh twist on knights errant.

Lots of characters with lots of back stories. Yet May stayed focused on the task at hand.

What’s not to like? It’s all too easy. Gavin, despite his internal angst and boorish behavior, is a self-sacrificing champion of all in need. The solution of the runes puzzles come to him (for a very good reason, we learn late in the tale) and he heals all his friends. I almost cheered late in the book when a good guy finally died. It was getting silly.

Gavin has several antagonists during the story, but when he actually faces them his victories are too easy, even the one who got away to provide a hook into the next book. Makes you wonder if it’s all about marketing. Maybe we should blame Tolkien.

The usual Smashword ebook readability issues. Fewer typos than usual for them, but still had occasional pagination stoppages.

A fun read. Good heart; good storytelling.