A Call to Duty by Dave Weber & Timothy Zahn (3 Stars)

A Call to Duty by Dave Weber & Timothy Zahn

(Three Stars out of Five)

A first glance this book, and the whole Honorverse: Manticore Ascendent series, looks like a cynical attempt to milk more cash out of the Weber’s space opera stables. But A Call to Duty rises above its antecedents to bring the science fiction reader close to a hard science fiction tale of coming of age in the (then) galactic backwater of Manticore.

One can only assume that credit to the transformation goes to Timothy Zahn, creator of some of the best-loved characters in the Star Wars Extended Universe (Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade). Zahn’s believable, fully-realized characters and the reasonable approach to the science of science fiction set him apart from many contemporaries.

While protagonist Travis Long is a bit too prescient for comfort, his leaps of logic save the day more than once. Nice to see the Star Kingdom having to live by its wits.

A good read.