Il Duce of the Kremlin

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Several times I’ve referred on line to Vladimir Putin as this century’s Adolf Hitler. I suspect his twentieth century hero is Joseph Stalin. But viewed objectively, Putin comes off more like Benito Mussolini. All the strutting and bombast is more comic opera than world changer. And in the end his people suffer unnecessary lose.

Putin’s vision of paradise is so flawed that he and his former KGB cronies are probably the only ones looking back on the failed Soviet Union with nostalgia. Despite the hopes of idealists worldwide, the great twentieth century Russian experiment in Communism devolved into a typical national empire headed by a series of dangerous and/or ridiculous tyrants. The fore-mention Stalin enslaved and killed millions of his own people before stumbling into a world war which killed millions more. That he defeated Hitler cannot be denied, though credit mostly belongs to the Russian people and Russian winter. (And he had the example of Napoleon before him.)

Putin? A pygmy. A lieutenant colonel apparatchik. A narcissus with delusions of grandeur. A friend to international Islamic terrorists while butchering domestic Islamic minorities.

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But, like Mussolini, a very dangerous man. Mussolini started a ball rolling which eventually squashed him and Italy. When Vladimir needs to pump his ego millions cringe. Remember: he has hundreds, if not thousands of deliverable nuclear warheads at his disposal.

Putin wants to bring back a “good, old days” which never existed. That many Russians adore him is testimony to the corruption and malaise there today. But poverty and corruption do not excuse Putin, who is betraying the very people he leads.

Real leaders do what is right, not what feels good or is expedient.