U Read 2?

Do you read the labels of condiments at restaurants? Me, too. Do you read four-month-old People magazines at the dentist because everything else is worse? Me, too. Do you read free House For Sale flyers when nothing else is handy? Me, too.

My Nook saved me from much of that insipid reading, but I’m still read all the time.

I didn’t start this way. Attending three schools in my first four years, I was functionally illiterate. Then my mother found a phonics class. I’ve been reading everything since. I’ve entered more than 1500 titles in my “read” folder on Goodreads.com, but those are just the ones I remember. The actual total is over 2000. I’ve exceeded 150 books every year since I signed up in 2009—writing over 1300 reviews.

This year (2014) I re-calibrated my ratings down a notch. I noticed inflation creeping into my ratings. If I can’t differentiate between the great and the really great, my ratings don’t help you. So, a book that got a 4 star rating in 2013 might only get a 3 this year.

I love books. I love all sorts of stories. And read all sorts. Though I prefer history, historical fiction, biographies, science fiction and fantasy.

Keep reading. (As if you could stop.)


2 thoughts on “U Read 2?

  1. Occasionally I land somewhere, a doctor’s office, without a book and I’m reduced to magazines I’d never read ordinarily. In a restaurant waiting for a friend, it’s the hot sauce label and the menu and the wine list even though I don’t drink. Most readers do this, I suspect. Occasionally I spot a nice turn of phrase in a description of hot sauce. Thrilling.

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