Who’s in your Wallet?

When is someone going to make an issue of the Federal Reserve System?

They’re more out of control than the courts. No one has any real of hammer over them? (Yeah, they are nominated by the President and affirmed by the Senate. Has anyone ever been fired?)

The Fed has been printing money by the trillions since 2008. Why are stocks and bonds and commodities near record levels while the economy is barely growing? Because trillions of dollars of Quantitative Easing money has been created (from thin air) and floods the markets.

Why hasn’t inflation followed? Because workers and small businesses are crushed by the threat of off-shore competitors. You and I aren’t bidding up prices because we don’t have the money. It’s all in Washington and Wall Street.

Easy money masks systemic problems with our government as well as economy. Don’t expect Republicans or Democrats to call “foul,” they’re part of the problem.