Calendar Creep Outpaces Global Warming

(Pay no attention to the Global Warming part of the headline; it was merely to get your attention. It worked.)

We received our first Christmas card Friday. It makes little difference that it was from a commercial concern. Or, rather, maybe that’s the entire point.

Back when Europeans used the Julian Calendar to track time, they got a quarter day out of sync every hundred years because, while they had Leap Years, they didn’t omit them each century to accommodate Earth’s odd year: “The vernal equinox year is about 365.242374 days long, measured in ephemeris time.” The Gregorian calendar corrected for that. Sort of.

It seems that American retailers have a similar calendar creep, except it’s the seasons which are adrift. Halloween, which has become the second largest “holiday” in terms of sales, stuff started appearing in August.

And, as I said, we just got our first Christmas card.

From a Christian outfit, no less. You’d think they’d be leading the “Keep Christ in Christmas” charge.



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