A Snake in the Grass by K. A. Stewart (Three Stars)

A Snake in the Grass (Jesse James Dawson #4) by K. A. Stewart

(Three Stars out of Five)

Starting to bore. Same old, same old. What saved this particular story were the ancillary characters: Carlotte, Terrence and Svetlana, of course. And Henry.

The problem with series like this (and Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid, D. B. Jackson’s Thieftaker or Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files) is that the author must raise the stakes in each successive story … without becoming silly. (Yes, I know, it’s silly to quibble about verisimilitude when discussing fantasies. Stay with me.) Most of the way through this book, K. A. Steward worried me that she was losing it. This is the fourth Jesse James Dawson story. But the last few chapters, even though they weren’t really part of this story, gave a satisfying payoff.

That said, most of this novel consisted of dialogue, references to previous stories, more dialogue, the hero being stupid, more dialogue, the big confrontation (which wasn’t), and the post climax setting of hooks to continue the series. And Henry.