Beneath a Navajo Moon by Lisa Cox Carter (Three Stars)

Beneath a Navajo Moon by Lisa Cox Carter

(Three Stars out of Five)

I don’t normally read romance novels, but this one had an intriguing premise—a southern Anglo searching for a family member in the modern Navajo Nation—that I tried it. Further, this is a Christian romance, with all the preaching and jargon common to that genre. Despite that, I liked it. Multiple, complex plots and realistic conflict (and some not-so realistic) propel the story along.

A few quibbles: A broken starter doesn’t normally kill the engine once it’s running. Handguns have iron sights, not “crosshairs” (which implies an optical sight). The .357 magnum handgun would be hard for a injured petite female to carry, let alone aim and fire repeatedly, with her only non-dominant hand.

This is the second novel I’ve read this year set at least in part among the Navajo. The other was John Scalzi’s Locked-In. Is this a trend? Is Navajo the new Amish?

Interesting that the moon has no significance to the story. Nice title and cover.