Birthing the Miraculous by Heidi Baker (Four Stars)

Birthing the Miraculous: Carrying God’s Promises to Fulfillment by Heidi Baker

(Four stars out of Five)

Part memoir, part scripture study on the Annunciation to Mary this is a good read for those seeking God’s favor. “If we are to accomplish all He wants for us in this life, we must always desire more of Him. There is always room for more intimacy, more of His presence, and more of His glory.” However, be careful what you ask for.

“Sometimes God will allow you to wait and wonder why he is not doing something exactly when you thought He would. He knows what He is doing.”

Heidi is a modern Albert Schweitzer, who went to the then-poorest nation in Africa and spent the last thirty years providing home, food, clean water and jobs to the poorest in Mozambique. She knows of what she speaks both in terms of surrender and of miraculous results.

“It takes humility to nurture something that is beyond your understanding while counting it all joy.” Much of her life isn’t what comfortable American Christians would have defined as joy. Nonetheless, she believes “now is the time for God’s promise to be supernaturally birthed in your life.”

Aside from how you receive her message, Heidi communicates both Biblical truth and the challenge of a surrendered life in gripping, easy-to-grasp prose. This book is an easy read.