The Legend of the Bloodstone by E. B. Brown (Three Stars)

The Legend of the Bloodstone by E. B. Brown

(Three Stars out of Five)

A really good story: deep characters (if you can forgive the pig-headedness of the leads) in a well-researched setting early in colonial Virginia. Brown expertly brings the reader so deep into the native culture that the English settlers seem like (and were) the foreigners.

However, I kept getting jarred out of the story by anachronisms: no mountains white-capped or otherwise are visible from tidewater Virginia, no “large picture windows” in 1621. (Even though the massacre happened in 1622, Maggie is time shifted to late 1621 contrary to the blurb on Also great distances were too easily and quickly traveled by foot and horseback. (About those horses … .)

Since this is something of a time travel (that shouldn’t be a spoiler) novel, I suppose her colonial Virginia may exist in a parallel universe to ours.

For all that a good novel, but of the sort focused on the stop-and-go relationship, misunderstandings, anger and lust of the protagonists.

Well done. Just not my cup of tea.