Putin Expands his Empire

Having reduced Ukraine, Putin begins his putative campaign against Estonia. The seizure of an Estonian official on spy charges is just the opening shot of the next phase Putin’s campaign to reestablish the Soviet Union, in fact if not in name.

Our own President may have brought Estonia higher on Putin’s list by his recent visit and claims of defense when, of course, the united States has neither the will nor the means to defend Estonia against Russia.

As with Hitler, western division and ambiguity only increases Putin’s imperial urges.


2 thoughts on “Putin Expands his Empire

  1. You’re probably correct about Putin.
    What a president has to deal with when there are hotspots and unrest seemingly everywhere is mind-boggling. But as Obama has said, a president has to be able to manage a number of issues simultaneously. Terrorists seem to be the priority. Glad he finally has a strategy.

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