Your Privacy Ended When You Bought a Cell Phone

No one seriously believes the claims of cloud security, do they? (If people don’t want nude pictures hacked, don’t take nude pictures.)

If you’ve got pictures or documents you don’t wasn’t the world to see, don’t commit them to digits, not even cellular transmission or digital storage. You know don’t you, that cell phones and cameras on computers can be hijacked without you knowing?

The NSA isn’t the only people who read your mail. Someone, somewhere is hacking yourself for the fun and profit. Others have even darker motives.

Firewalls and passwords only keep out casual lookers. Encryption is only a partial answer. If someone is smart enough and motivated enough, they can penetrate your data.

Get used to it, and act accordingly. Big and Little Brother are watching.


2 thoughts on “Your Privacy Ended When You Bought a Cell Phone

  1. A couple years ago a NYTimes article stated the cell phone isn’t a phone it’s a tracking device.

    • Edward Snowden supposedly requires visitors to remove the battery and SIM card and put their phone in his refrigerator.

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