Washington not only Involved in the Economy; It Defines It

“If an investment firm is willing to pay $220,000 a month for a politician’s [Eric Cantor] insight … that tells us that Washington is more involved with our economy than it should be,” opined the Washington Examiner.

What rock do they live under?

The federal government has been involved in our economy since before it settled on the shores of the Potomac. For better or worse, Washington defines our national economy.

(Whether Moelis & Company gets their money’s worth is a different issue.)


2 thoughts on “Washington not only Involved in the Economy; It Defines It

  1. Well, he didn’t have enough insight to win the last election. He has a lot of insight about money, how to make it, how to spend it.

  2. All politicians know how to make and spend money–usually ours.

    I suspect he was hired for his marquee value.

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