Ukraine: Obama Says, Putin Does

When all is said and done, more is said than done,” said Lou Holtz.

That apparently describes the end of American policy toward the Ukraine in its lopsided confrontation with Russia’s bully. Putin has apparently dictated terms of a ceasefire for that beleaguered republic.

So much for the value of America assurances in eastern Europe. The Baltic states and nations of the former Warsaw Pact will undoubtedly take note. Even NATO may wonder about American resolve.

Shades of 1956.


1 thought on “Ukraine: Obama Says, Putin Does

  1. Well put. I’m frustrated with Obama, the man I voted for. Great on domestic policy, but lacking in international resolve. As a journalist said last night, Al-Queda didn’t have a state, didn’t control great swaths of two countries, didn’t have good training or weapons. Isis sure does. Boko Haram (spelling?) also dangerous.

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