Morningstar Ministries Writing Seminar is First Class

rickAlmost two dozen would-be writers recently spent four days in the hills near Moravian Falls, North Carolina as the paying guests of Morningstar Ministries. Our hosts were brother and sister Rick Joyner and Deborah Joyner Johnson.

This workshop excels for Christian writers’ first exposure to formal training. The small size and single-track curriculum assure no student is left behind. Intense personal contact with the instructors proclaimed both the writer’s mission and valuable lessons in technique.

The retreat setting and home-cooked meals helped focus participants on the workshops.
In addition to writing lessons often given by Debbie, the sessions led by Rick provided needed context to the Christian writers place in the industry and society at large.

While not offering the multi-tracks and editor/agent/publisher contacts of larger conferences, this workshop provides great return on the student’s investment.

Highly Recommended.