An Evening with John Scalzi

ukeleleSpent an enjoyable hour with John Scalzi August 28th at Quail Ridge Bookstore in Raleigh, North Carolina (along with about a hundred other fools). John managed to:

read a chapter from his forthcoming Human Division book: *** *** ** *** ******. (He asked us not to reveal the tentative title.)

Read two short humor pieces.

Pedaled his new book: Locked In. (Review forthcoming.)

Exchanged email shots with Lev Grossman, who was apparently out pedaling The Magician’s Land.

Played a ukulele (and improvised) well, despite ill-mannered heckling from a jerk in the audience. (That would be me.)

Promoted local book store(s).

Signed a bunch of books.

Loved his new beard and do (see picture). Looks both hip and professorial.

Thanks, John.