Exodus Lost by S. C. Compton (Three Stars)

Exodus Lost by S. C. Compton

(Three Stars out of Five)

An engaging bit of pop history. Well documented (over 700 end notes) investigation into the possible link between pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures and contemporary Old World cultures, specifically the Hyksos and Egyptians. Compton exhaustively explores his many links connecting the dots for the reader.

It sounds good except that some of the critical paragraphs have no end notes; those are Compton’s speculation. He does this a lot in his discussion of the linguistic parallels. It may be just as he says, but his documentation is not air tight.

Having read books like African Genesis and Naked Ape in the 1960s, I’m shy about jumping on this very attractive bandwagon. The wheels of academia turn slowly. So far they haven’t caught up with Compton.

If you’re at all interested in cross-cultural pollination, do read this book. Compton makes an excellent case for his theory.