Book Review: “Storm Front” by Jim Butcher (3 Stars)

Book Review: Storm Front by Jim Butcher

(Three stars of five)

Reviews of books in a genre the reader doesn’t like are questionable. I’m not a fan of urban fantasy nor hard-boiled detectives. However, I’ve heard for years how great Butcher’s Dresden File novels are. So, when a bundle of them in e-pub format became available through my local library, I took the plunge.

Yeap, I don’t care for urban fantasy. That said, this was an excellently conceived and written story. Butcher’s writing is head-and-shoulders above today’s crowded market place. Butcher’s storytelling propel the reader through the story.

Interesting how dated a book only fifteen years old is. It’s like reading something a century old. You’re constantly jerked out of the story by the quaintness. Even so, VW Beetles were rare in 2000. And while “cellular” phones are mentioned, Dresden doesn’t use them (for reasons revealed early in the story). The ubiquity of pay phones in Chicago certainly dates the story. Good luck finding one now.

I liked it even though I didn’t like it. I may try another.


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  1. oh well, there are usually “things” that jerk a reader out of a story. A slang word, a reference to an old appliance or some quaint form of travel. I ignore, if I like the story and the writing. I’ll follow most any story if the writing style in wonderful, quirky, interesting. Someone like Cormac Macarthy.

    • Yes, and since Butcher had trouble getting “Semiautomagic” (as it was originally titled) published for several years, that means it was written in the 1990s. Butcher’s style is good.

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