The U.N. in Action in Gaza

What’s happening in Gaza is awful. The loss of life is a tragedy. But are we really doing what we can to end it? Really end it?

“The U.N. discovered twenty rockets in a U.N. school in Gaza. And was forced to admit it after a day of a delay. Do you know what it did with those rockets? It turned it back to the [Palestinian] authorities. So it can now be used to kill Jews,” charged syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer. “That’s the U.N., the supposed arbiter, the parliament of man in action.”

What in the world were those rockets doing in a UN facility? Why did the UN try to cover it up? Why did the UN give the rockets back to the Palestinians? I don’t know. I suspect our government doesn’t know.

This whole situation boggles the imagination. Another generation is being prepared to hate their neighbors. It’s enough to make you want to cry.


2 thoughts on “The U.N. in Action in Gaza

  1. I heard a rabbi say in a lecture that the Israelis and Palestinians only fought because the countries had a real estate problem. Too crowded. And I thought that was an overly simplified comment ten years ago. Even more so now.

    • Israel is crowded in some areas, but others are empty and a lot is farmed. The Israeli Arabs are noticeably more prosperous than the Palestinian Arabs.

      The “real estate problem” is that they both want the same land.

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