“Defenders” by Will McIntosh (3 of 5 stars)

Defenders by Will McIntosh

(three stars out of five)

The opening is terrible, but once the story gets going—about eighty pages in—it’s a decent read. (I read most books on a Nook; the pagination may not match other editions.) Considering I almost quit this book after fifty pages, anything higher than one star is a gift. For some reason the opening is non-chronological; combined with shifting POV characters that confuses the reader and adds nothing to the story.

A new take on defeating undefeatable alien invaders … and the aftermath. “Act in haste; repent at …” Well, in this case, “repent at greater haste.”

Quibbles: The crash project to develop Defenders is fraught with logical, biological and scientific holes, but, hey, this is science fiction. Fifteen-foot-tall giants would probably be more not less prone to joint injury, assuming they were viable at all. The “views” of Washington, D. C., don’t correspond to reality.

Quibbles aside, once the plot starts moving it develops quickly and logically. And the writing as well.