Amazon Pleads That It’s Crushing Hachete for us Readers.

Amazon defended itself in its ongoing fight with Hachette Book Group. Read the Wall Street Journal article for itself here:

Of course, we don’t know the facts, but their arguments are pretty flimsy. “We were fighting for what we thought was right for consumers, and the same is true here,” says Amazon’s VP for Kindle.

Yes, the publishers once colluded to keep book prices high. But Amazon is exactly not the book buyers’ friend. On the contrary, once they’re firmly in control of the book market, we can expect all sorts of anti-competitive practices. That’s what monopolies do.

“But nobody is a villain here. It’s just business.” said novelist George Pelecanos, published by Hachette whose coming book can’t be preordered on Amazon.

In the meantime, Barnes & Noble gets a reprieve from Goliath’s predatory squeeze.

Not sure what kind of break book buyers get.