Being Careful What You Wish For, Part Two

The Supreme Court decided (5 to 4) in favor of Hobby Lobby. Many evangelical Christians will be happy.

But the Supreme Court may have set a dangerous precedent–in allowing a for-profit company’s religious views to be protected–which those same Christians many soon rue.

You see, not just Christians will now be able to project their religious views into the work place. Anyone who is or claims to be the member of a religion can jump right into that opening. This will add steam, for example, to those pressing to introduce Sharia Law in America.

Be careful what you wish for when you resort to the courts to set policy, not just interpret the law. Even when you like the outcome, it may come back to bite you.


One thought on “Being Careful What You Wish For, Part Two

  1. That’s very true. The Supremes have made mistakes. One of the worst, in my opinion. was loosening the restrictions on political campaign donations


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