No Wonder No One Trusts America.

For the last fifty years, America’s allies have learned that we aren’t dependable. We abandoned the Shah of Iran, after we engineered the coup which brought him to power. We declared victory in Southeast Asia and abandoned South Vietnam.

Russian tanks are showing up in Ukraine. Tanks. You know, those really big military things. Things which your neighborhood revolutionary—even in Europe—is not apt to have in his garage. And our President thinks Putin is de-escalating the Ukraine crisis? No, he’s throwing gasoline on the fire.

“Can’t we all just get along?” isn’t much of a foreign policy, but that’s what we’re reduced to in the Middle East. No, they don’t get along. They haven’t for millennia. Obama and Kerry are demonstrably amateurs, but they don’t seem to be learning by their mistakes. We have no military options worthy of the name in Iraq or Syria. Obama to Maliki: “You’re on your own.

It doesn’t matter much whether a Republican or a Democrat occupies the White House when it comes to us cutting and running.

Can the Afghans or Israelis be blamed for not depending on America to keep its word toward them?

2 thoughts on “No Wonder No One Trusts America.

  1. Are you saying that the U.S. should send troops into Iraq again? I can’t imagine how the troops who lost friends and family, in addition to the psych and physical injuries, must feel now. Does it make them wonder if their losses were worth the effort? I would think so.

    • No, but we have little influence for good when we are so famous for cutting and running from everyone we at one time supported.
      Yes, it must make all those families–including those of the tens of thousands lost in Vietnam–wonder what their sacrifice was for.

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