Something’s Still Rotten at the VA

Speaking of “last week’s news,” notice how the Veteran’s Administration medical care mess has disappeared?

We should all pay attention to the VA mess because this could happen to all of us under a single-payer national health system. Not because there’s anything inherently inefficient or immoral with socialized medicine, but because it is implemented by human beings, who often have other goals.

Public-sector unions run the VA health care system for their benefit, not for the veterans. (See Wall Street Journals’ “Big Labor’s VA Cough Hold.”) For example, union leaders are paid by taxpayers even though they do nothing for the veterans. In 2012, the VA gave 258 employees full pay and benefits to do only union work; seventeen of them had six-digit salaries. You and I paid for 988,000 hours of “official” union time in 2011, even as veterans were dying waiting to see a doctor.

You can bet the unions will fight proposals to outsource veteran care to private hospitals and doctors. Will it be out of concern for veteran care or for union rules and privileges?

Our veteran’s deserve better.


2 thoughts on “Something’s Still Rotten at the VA

  1. Yes, veterans deserve better. I didn’t know about the unions. Thanks for that.
    What’s your view of Obama’s release of Bowe Bergdhal? We have very little information so far. NY Times today wrote there are mental health issues and he’s not ready to see his family. Considering PTSD affects 15-20% of vets of Iraq and Afghanistan, this isn’t surprising. Of course PTSD isn’t the only mental health issue, for vets and civilians.

    • I’m disappointed that most of what we first heard seems not be so. In the press’s rush to judge (and make ratings), I’m not sure any of us know what’s going on. Apparently, the administration acted without all the facts.

      Had they followed the law–and notified Congress thirty-days ahead–this might have come out before they decided, rather than being left defending a bad decision.

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