“Unlocked” by John Scalzi (Four Stars)


Unlocked: An Oral HistUnlockedory of Haden’s Syndrome by John Scalzi.

(Four stars out of five)

This teaser, released by Tor.com, should have been titled “Set the Hook.” That is what it does. Scalzi polishes his credentials as a top writer of science fiction and fantasy by writing a short prequel to his forthcoming novel: Lock In.

The development and storytelling is superb. Scalzi lightly touches the right buttons in his oral-history pseudo-documentary to hook and reel in the reader. There’s even a bit of humor to leaven the mix.

Quibble: all the voices sound alike.

Great job, but I hate to wait.

Read it here.


One thought on ““Unlocked” by John Scalzi (Four Stars)

  1. A long, complex teaser. Not sure when I’ll have time to read it, but it looks good.

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