The Politics of Tyrannies

What do Vladimir Putin, American “progressives” and the Tea Party have in common?


All seek to dissuade opposition by bullying. Shouting, ad hominem attacks and dirty tricks replace discourse and tolerance. People with a poor sense of history don’t know that before the Holocaust, Hitler honed his bullying tactics on his political opposition before turning on the Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and the church.

They’re even trying to change the definition of “tolerance” into “you must support my position or you’re intolerant.” This is how liberal democracies—old and new—are turned into tyrannies.

Whatever happened to “Think and let think”?


1 thought on “The Politics of Tyrannies

  1. I noticed some years ago that extremists, far left and far right, can sound similar – bully tactics, exaggerations that make the “other side” sound monstrous, not real. Sometimes I get fundraising letters from far left groups filled with these over-the top-rants. They go in my shredder along with the ads.

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