Constitutional Convention?

conventionFolks asking for a Constitutional Convention need to consider what happened the last time we “amended” our national governing document in 1787: we threw it out and started over.

Yes, I know Michigan’s recent request restricted the convention to considering a balanced budget amendment. Well, the convention of 1787 was supposed to just amend the Articles of Confederation. They ignored their guidance and started afresh.

Do we really want to do that? Sure, each side can think of all sorts of pet projects they’d like to accomplish, but most of those would never pass two-thirds.

What would pass? We don’t know.

Be careful what you wish for.


One thought on “Constitutional Convention?

  1. Exactly. That’d be dumber than a box of rocks.

    We’d get George Soros, the Koch brothers and all those other oligarchs pushing their particular Popsicle carts and it’d turn into a circus.

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