What’d You Say?

Research I’ll be following: the Hearing Restoration Project believes they’ll cure human hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) in ten years. Chickens (and most animals except mammals) can regrow the hair cells in the inner ear. The HRP hopes to find a way to trigger the same recovery in humans.

Exposure to the noise of military jet engines destroyed my hearing before I was thirty. Even though we wore two layers of hearing protection (ear plugs and insulated plastic ear muffs), the doctors said jet engine screech goes right through the bone. I am one of 35 million Americans with hearing loss, and 25 million with tinnitus.

Occasionally the loss is offset by things I don’t hear or hear incorrectly. The entertainment value comes at a cost.I’d happily give up my disability pay for the injury to be able hear birds sing or Treva whisper.


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  1. I know a couple people who lost hearing due to loud music etc. One more thing our researchers are tacking. Hope you get back all of your hearing!

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