1930s Redux

We’re watching a replay of Hitler’s absorption of central Europe in the 1930s. Obama, Biden, Kerry et al. are as ineffective containing Putin as Neville Chamberlain was with Hitler.

Obama isn’t singly to blame for the Ukraine mess (though Hagels’ Defense reductions are looking ill-timed); Bush did as poorly with Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008. We have learned nothing.

The price of oil, of course, bounced upward. That helps Putin. Russia’s economy is heavily dependent on energy revenue. That, not a military confrontation, is where they are most vulnerable and where we should counter-attack.

Threatening does no good; we should say what we are doing and do it. This whole thing was planned and executed by Putin. If we don’t do something–I mean really do something–he’ll only get worse.


2 thoughts on “1930s Redux

  1. I’m sure you’re right about Putin. My grasp of history isn’t as good as yours, but I do read the New York Times and various online papers. Granted, the NYTimes is on the liberal side, but I think their coverage is fairly balanced. Putin was probably waiting for the unrest to take advantage and move in? The timing just as Olympics were ending, but not before, seems too lucky…wonder how that happened? Hmmmm. What do you think?

    • I think he’s been planning this for some time. He was looking for a “fig leaf” to justify his invasion. The people’s expulsion of Yankuvych is that excuse.

      His having thousands of troops poised–some of them without national markings–on the border indicates this was not a spontaneous action.

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