Ukraine on the Brink

Ukraine is “on the brink of disaster” says its Prime Minister. It’s also on the brink of being dismembered, if Putin’s 2008 invasion of Georgia is any indication.

Did you notice the “unmarked” uniforms and vehicles? Russia has planned this operation for some time. This is neither spontaneous nor accidental.

Putin will take the Crimea and a good chunk of eastern Ukraine, if he doesn’t conquer the whole thing and install a puppet government. As with Georgia, he will blame Ukraine. The USA will do nothing because there’s not much we can do in that part of the world.

March 1, David Brooks said on NPR, “Russia is basically a failed state run by a narcissistic autocrat.” But despite being a failure, Russia is very dangerous–to its neighbors and to the world.

Meanwhile, America will continue to court Russia as an partner in global politics (in Afghanistan, Syria and Iran) when their interests and motives are opposed to ours. (It is interesting that Putin suppresses Moslems at home, while being their international protector.) We need to treat Russia for what it is: our enemy.

The Cold War renewed years ago, while we continued to disarm.


2 thoughts on “Ukraine on the Brink

  1. I believe the Paralympics are supposed to be held in Sochi, beginning in a week or so. No mention in the news, I assume they’ll be cancelled. What a shame for the athletes. Compared to the global impact of Russia’s disastrous mistake, not crucial. Yet for the athletes who have been training, it’s sad. The Olympics ended just in time to get out safely.

  2. The innocent are ever the victims of the guilty.
    Putin cares only about himself and his plans. The Olympics backfired; he won’t worry about the Paralympics.

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