Black Days on the Black Sea

“Will the Sochi Games puncture Putin’s delusions of Grandeur?” asked The Week headline. You know the answer.

Putin’s grand Olympic masterpiece (just like Hitler’s in 1936) reveals the cracks in his imperialist re-make of Russia, but megalomaniacs tend to ignore contrary data. (Did you notice that the jerseys of the Russian hockey team displayed the double-headed eagle emblem of the czars? Probably not accidental.) The $52 billion Russia spent on this Olympics exceeded than all previous Winter Olympics combined. The result has not quite been the publicity coup Putin desired.

We need to pay attention to what’s happening in Ukraine. Putin’s plan to reestablish the Russian Empire (AKA the Soviet Union) has hit a speed bump: the Ukraine people. The Olympics are a side show; what’s happening in Kiev is real . . . and important.


1 thought on “Black Days on the Black Sea

  1. I agree absolutely about the Ukraine. Putin gives new meaning to the word “grandiose.” What will happen to the little town of Sochi once the Olympics are gone? The shanties will reappear, I suppose.

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